Friday, May 25, 2012

Music REALLY Worth Dancing To

I've been listening to some great Christian music lately. Just saying that is quite something for me. Most of the time, I wouldn't say that "great Christian music" really exists. As a musician, I tend to appreciate secular music from an artistic standpoint, while most Christian music tends to sorely pale in comparison. Let's just say I'm not a Michael W. Smith fan. (Sorry if you are.) But, of course, the lyrics and the attitude that I expose myself to with secular music is typically far from desirable. So, I was really excited when I started doing some hunting recently and came across about 25 or so honest to goodness Christian music treasures! These all have a great southern-rock/gospel/blues/soul vibe with some sweet guitar solos worth cranking up the volume for. I thought I'd share a few of them with you here. Check out these lyrics and the links to the songs on iTunes.

Have an awesome weekend! And get up and DANCE! YOUR SAVIOR LIVES!!

Be not you weary
While on this journey
For you will reap
If you faint not
If dark clouds should rise
And thunder roll
Look to the Master
For HE's in control
He's In Control- Austin's Bridge

I've just gotta praise him, Jesus set me free.
I've just gotta praise him, for the victory.
I've just gotta praise him, cause I'm not the same.
I've just gotta praise his holy name.
I've Just Gotta Praise Him- Chelley Odle

There ain't no grave gonna hold this body down
There ain't no grave gonna hold this body down
When I hear the trumpet sound
Gonna get up outa the ground
Cause there ain't no grave gonna hold this body down

I said look way over Jordan
What do you think I see
I saw a band of holy angels and they're comin' after me!
I cried meet me, meet me Jesus
Meet me in the middle of the air
I'm gonna rise to meet my Lord and say goodbye down here!
Ain't No Grave- Selah, Jason Crabb, Adam Crabb

Now you've been busy sleeping in the shadows of your own
Wasting the gift of your life
Now the sun is rising, the shadows are gone
Get up, wake up, for you've been justified!

The prodigal is waking up
The wayward child is waking up
The down and out is waking up
The prisoner is waking up
The lonely soul is waking up
The Pharisee is waking up
I hope the church is waking up
Everybody's waking up!

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