Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I Know About My God

My burden is heavy, but HIS is light.

My ways seem logical, but HIS are right.

My dreams and desires are inspiring, but HIS are so much bigger.

So why do I find it so difficult to trust this gracious Giver?

My logic says, "You make your own lot, so plan and plot your gain."

But HIS says, "Don't worry about tomorrow. Just worship Me today."

My list of things to do grows longer by the minute.

But JESUS says, "IT'S DONE! Now, stop and simply rest in it!"

My heart fears the pain that trusting God sometimes brings.

But JESUS says, "That heart is MINE, and My love fully heals all things.

I've long ago lost count of all the tears that ceaseless run.

But MY GOD has faithfully counted and collected every one!

And when I think my joy is bound to what I can touch and see,

MY GOD reminds me, "Your greatest treasure is right here with ME."

MY GOD may be silent, far more often than I'd like,

But when He speaks, He speaks with power and all-consuming might!

And the words He keeps repeating are,

"Your burden may be heavy, but MINE is joyfully light."

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